Food Insights

Food Insights

To see how glucose readings are changing in the next couple of hours after breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drink. Also enables to compare readings on a daily/weekly basis.

Food Insights is a part of the LinkBluCon app to keep track of the change in glucose levels after every meal. Just need to click a picture of food and see how it is affecting glucose in next 3 hours. LinkBluCon app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. To use Food Insights, you need to register or log in to the LinkBluCon app.


  • Real-Time Glucose Tracking
  • Alert for out of range glucose levels, HI/ LO, Fast Rise/ Fast Fall
  • Change in gluocse during
    • Fasting and Meal Timing
    • Physical Activity, Stress and Sleep
  • Meal Composition and Macronutrient Data
  • Wellness and Weight Management
  • Many more benefits of using the NightRider, FreeStyle Libre and LinkBluCon app to monitor health

How To Use

Monitor your metabolic health in real-time with the LinkBluCon app.
To get started with Food Insights option, follow these steps:

LinkBluCon App Profile
Meal Description
Food Insight Option
Monitor Glucose Levels